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9th Birthday PTA

9th Birthday PTA

It was last Saturday we celebrated our 9th anniversary.

We have brought together customers, partners and friends and we spent a fantastic day in the Lake of Quinta do Lago.

It was a very busy day with run / walk to the beach, where we showed that you can do much more than extend the towel in the sun, quite entertaining couple games. We returned to the lake for some relaxing moments Stretching before the healthy pic nic to charge batteries for aquatic activities kayaking, paddle and pedal.

Throughout the event we counted with the presence of relaxation massages.

We also provide questions about workout and healthy lifestyle where participants showed great knowledge.

We completed the event with a delicious (healthy) birthday cake for everyone present.

So we thanks to all customers and friends, masseur Olga Palma, the Club do Bibe who participated in large numbers and also the staff of the Water Lake Sports Club that provided all necessary conditions for full-scale operation of the event and provided a fantastic day!

Thank you all!

Rui Madeira text