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Outdoor training benefits

Outdoor training benefits

Nowadays more people looks for green spaces to workout routine, increasingly.

Physical exercise is healthy, wherever you do it, even though workout helps physical and psychological health.

There are lots of positive factors related to well-being which come from open field exercise, for example:

- Bigger liberty feeling, because you’re not stuck in a room.

- Breath fresh air, is also a weighed factor, because nowadays, due our life style, we spend too much time inside and we don’t breathe the fresh air (oxygen) we are supposed to.

- More focus in workout arises from the fact that we are working out on a green space.

In terms of a physical health, workout on greenspaces, contemplates lots of benefits, for example:

- Muscles stimulation is carried out in a specific way because of the workout irregularities, what is hard to simulate inside, for example: run in a decline.

- There is a higher commitment to workout, because you can workout at the time you want, where you want and during the time you want.

- Gives you more pleasure due to the higher availability of oxygen you don’t get tired so fast what brings you better results.

- It does consume more calories because of the land differences and the wind resistance, the body consumes more energy during workout when compared with inside spaces.

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