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Stretching, yes or no?

Stretching, yes or no?

The stretches are increasingly a subject that generates a lot of controversy in the world practice, insofar as there is increasing evidence of its ineffectiveness and may even harm the client / athlete's performance.

In our view, we should avoid all passive stretching, because these do not bring any "wealth" neurological for our performance.

Already all active stretching, they may be incorporated into a well-designed training process.

For the simple reason that these stretches are no more than strength training, it depends only on the perspective with which we look at them.

Let us explain: when we perform an horizontal abduction of the arms, commonly known as the pectoral stretch, actively, we are no longer the shortening all the antagonist muscles, which is on our backs, that is a stretch implies an active shortening of the opposite muscles this movement.

So, do active stretching and against viscoelastic resistance of body tissues themselves can be a good way to prepare for the activity that we perform, or even at the end to regain some positional mobility.

So, good training and good stretching / shortening!