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Faro Fitness 2017 - Thanks

Faro Fitness 2017 took place last Saturday at the Pavilhão da Penha in Faro, under the Faro Ativo.

It was a full day of physical activity filled by several classes taught by the best instructors in the Algarve.

We then thank all those who helped Personal Trainers in organizing this event:

Divisão de Desporto da Câmara Municipal de Faro for the transfer of logistics (pavilion, stage, sound, etc.)
Fnac / BOL for online ticket sales
Decathlon for the supply of sports equipment and clothes for the staff
Fagar for the transfer of a water supply station in Faro
INEM for the presence in the event of its first responders
Core by offering its supplementation products
100% happy laranja do Algarve by the presence with natural juices
Physiotherapist Lígia Santos available for treatments to participants
Volunteer Team
To our fantastic instructors, responsible for high quality classes that have made this day very special
To all the participants, by the energy and good disposition demonstrated, they were untiring!
To all of them our great thanks, because only then was it possible to organize this event!

Rui Madeira text