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How to prevent lower back pain

There are postures and exercises that can take into account and carry out daily to alleviate / prevent back pain.

Poor posture creates unfavorable mechanisms in the column that make individuals more susceptible to injury and degeneration.

Often, back pain is associated with lack of fitness.

Should be performed strengthening and stretching the body, as well as provide proper posture and joint alignment by strengthening the deep stabilizing muscles of the spine (Multifidus and Transverse muscles of the abdomen).

Studies show that there is a delay in the contraction of these muscles in patients with low back pain. The deficiency in the muscular stabilization column can contribute to the frequency of degenerative disc disease observed in the general population. The larger muscle groups enable the function (Grand straight muscles of the abdomen, the abdomen Pyramid, Great oblique, Small oblique) without strongly activate the stabilizers.

During the exercises should not feel pain to carry them, although it may feel some fatigue. All exercises should be done gently, slowly, never at the expense of sudden movements.


To provide them with a rhythm using calm breathing 

1. Laying (a) with knees bent, lean his back on the floor, placing the stomach in slightly raise your head and shoulders. Go straight hands only to one knee. Subsequently to the other knee.

2. Laying (a) aside. Legs bent. Stretch the top leg and lift it up. Keep your back straight. Return to starting position slowly. Switch sides.

3. Laying (a) face down (can use a small pillow under the belly) or on all fours, raise one arm and the contralateral leg. The same with the dissenting members. The back should remain straight.

4. Standing, leaning against (a) a wall (pull your heels, buttocks, back and head look ahead). Bend your knees sliding his back against the wall and slowly return to starting position.

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