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Advice for those who make their first race

We already accompany many customers and friends in running events but it´s not to much to advice for those who will make his first race.

It should be measured in goals and start with a short proof, around 5km.

Should never debut new clothes, especially shoes, you want to feel as comfortable as possible.

The same applies to your meals, make a diet based on what you usually do to avoid any discomfort.

Make a good warm-up for the avoidance of unexpected and time to go put yourself back here, thus avoiding the usual outrages these tests.

Try to make a test from back to front, this means start your race with a slower pace and controlled and gradually increase the pace to achieve that he considers right for your fitness.

This way, it has a very pleasant experience and your thoughts will be only when you will repeat the experience.

Good training and good racing!