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Arthrosis, what is it?

Arthrosis is a degenerative disease that can affect all the joints in the body, causing them to wear out. It is a disease that has no cure, but there can be a great improvement in the symptoms by performing specific exercises.

Another measure that helps the success of treatment, are changes in daily life such as losing weight, avoiding straining, wearing trainers or comfortable shoes rather than walking in slippers or barefoot. These simple changes decrease the pressure on the knees, reducing pain.


Recommended Physical Activity

Personal Trainers recommend light walking, with appropriate footwear, cycling, water aerobics, among others, depending on the severity of the injury.

It is very important to do exercises to strengthen the quadriceps, as they control the impact of the foot on the ground, reducing the degeneration of the knee joint.


Inadvisable Exercises

Personal Trainers advise against activities that involve running, jumping, movements in large rotations, because they cause a great impact on the knees, which may further increase the injury and increase the need for surgery.


Take care of yourself and good workouts!


Diogo Lopes