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Irisina - Hormone exercise

This hormone, discovered in 2012 by a group of researchers led by Bostrom Cancer Institute Dana-Farber, reveals that there is an increase of this hormone in the bloodstream triggered by exercise and stimulates the development of brown fat from the adipose white tissue.

Recent studies prove that this hormone actually exists in humans, ending with the dispute of the initial discovery is a myth and may be the reason why the exercise to become healthy. The thermogenic change brought about in white adipose tissue leads to the conclusion that this hormone may have a therapeutic role for obesity and type 2 diabetes.

More studies to know are still accurate exactly how we can increase the levels of this hormone, but a study has revealed that a group of people who are overweight and obese have managed to increase the irisina levels in the blood with strength training for 8 weeks also showing a positive improvement in body composition.

So if you are looking for reasons to start, or if you still have doubts that could change beyond all that you know, here's further proof.

So, workout and feel good!

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