What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy involves the interaction between the Physiotherapist and the client in a process where complaints and limitations are heard and evaluated and goals are agreed together with the client, using specific knowledge and techniques.

What can I expect from my Physiotherapist?

The physiotherapist trains and develops skills for autonomous practice and to be a direct contact health professional, but he is also the reference resource for multidisciplinary teams working in the field of rehabilitation, so Physiotherapists are focused on identifying and maximizing the quality of life with the

These areas cover physical, psychological, emotional and social well-being.

What resources does Physiotherapy have?

The use of movement and exercise is its main tool, also supported by knowledge, mastery and use of physical agents, among other resources that enhance movement recovery and pain reduction (APFisio).

What are the advantages of adhering to Physiotherapy in a private context?

Response to the problem/health condition in a short time; Privacy in service; Flexibility of schedules; Service specialization; Individual and personalized assessment for each customer; Individual and optimized intervention according to your individual needs; Intervention in a multidisciplinary team (Physiotherapy/Nutrition/Personal Trainers).

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