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Technology applied to Fitness

Technology applied to fitness

If you don’t have yet any bracelet or other technology associated with physical exercise certainly you know someone who already has it. Smart watches and bracelets that provides a number of parameters on your status are here to stay.

However it is important to realize that this type of technology is beneficial but when used in moderation, because it will never replace a professional or a service to give you a in loco type of feedback. Often when a personal trainer literally touches a client you must realize that this is providing a stimulus to help the client understand what muscles have to contract to generate tension. And this kind of information there is still no machine that can deliver.

I doesn’t mean that we are against the use of these technologies, on the contrary (because we use it ourselves and recomend it to our clients), we just want to show that they have their place in your workout but can not replace the benefits of having a professional on your side.