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Frequently Asked Questions

What´s the better way to learn how to start the training process?
You must contact us by phone or email to schedule a meeting with our professionals to expose their current situation and what you want. Then we define together how to get there and take any questions you may have relating to our services.
How is the first session or as the training you prescribe?
At the first session takes place a physical and functional (and if requested postural) being the basis of the prescription of training in conjunction with the objectives you want to achieve.

This assessment also serves as a periodic control, so we know whether there is progression and qualify it.
An example of our personalized training sessions?

Can be performed in cardio outdoors or a possible training circuit;

Specific exercises according to the goals of the customers

Toning, weight loss, agility, coordination, posture, balance, strength, power, balance, etc.;

Stretches | Relaxation

Stretching is important to recover the muscular elasticity and reduces the risk of injury and pain. These may be assisted by Personal Trainer with a view to a greater extent or actively conducted by the client so that there is greater functionality.
How much space needs to have if you want to train at home?
Only takes about 2m2. It can be indoors or outdoors.
Other places where you can train?
You can train anywhere to your liking (park, beach) and also in several health clubs and hotels nearby, with whom we deal for its use.
What material do you need?
No need for any material. We carry everything you need to put together, achieve their objectives. You just have to be equipped with wear, a towel and have a bottle of water near you. The training zone should not be attended by children.
What kind of material is used in practice?
All kinds of material necessary for the practice of our process. You can go from stability balls, dumbbells, elastic mattress, bosu, trx, step, etc...
Do I need a Personal Trainer?
We all have objectives to improve capabilities. Do need guidance, commitment and motivation appropriate for meeting the desired really.
This type of training will not be too hard for me?
As the name indicates, the training is customized to each. Thus, after an initial assessment and subsequent analysis, the entire program will be developed and adapted to the needs of each one so that success is achieved.
How will I measure my progress?
Will be evaluated monthly physical, in order to quantify the results obtained. No doubt you will feel your progress daily!
So what's the big difference of personalized training in relation to the others?
The routine will not be a problem! You do not have to worry about training for your coach will occupy exclusively the whole process. In addition to performing a variety of exercises specific to your case, will do them safely and efficiently in sessions very diverse and so exciting, where you learn to use innovative tools. All this help and motivation to raise to a level (whether of strength, endurance, flexibility, etc..), Which by itself hardly reach because few are able to get out of your comfort zone independently, thus failing the best results. Here there is a commitment to success!
What are the differences for the other companies in the industry?
The totality of our professionals are licensed, and keep searching for information / training on an ongoing basis in order to increasingly improve the quality and specificity of our services, always thinking of you!

Our team meets frequently in order to discuss training methods are being applied, information sharing, suggestions for improvements, distribution of tasks and drills together. We give the example!
Is it expensive to have a Personal Trainer?
Put an end to the myth that a Personal Trainer is only for celebrities or entrepreneurs, we can all have one. When you contact us will have at its disposal a range of training packages in order to meet the desired. You will see the results you want, you will feel like never before, their quality of life will improve considerably in the end will be the best investment you have ever had!
Provide service only Custom Training?
We have several services for you, from duo or circuit training, to the aquatic environment (swimming, aerobics), through outdoor hikes, mountain biking, yoga, Pilates, finally, a set of options that might interest you.

Apart from all these activities, we still Wellness Service Companies where we can help with motivation / profitability of their employees without having to leave the workplace. We go to you!

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