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Personal Trainer qualities - part 2

Personal Trainer qualities – part 2

After talking about the responsibilities of a Personal Trainer in the first part of this article (regarding training, experience, vocation, dedication and results), now we are going to discuss other qualities that are not less important.

The main advantage of this service is the 24 hour follow up, 168 hours per week, all aimed at your goals.

No matter what your ambitions are: to lose weight, to gain muscular mass, to improve mobility, flexibility, strength, cardio endurance, posture, well-being, self-esteem, lifestyle or general physical condition, you will have a trainer available to listen to your needs, and able to explain what you will experience through the whole process and help you to face and exceed your fears. Your will have a capable professional that will assess and work every aspect necessary for you to feel happy and proud with you results. That will make you feel more motivated to make the changes you need in your life.

You can choose the most convenient schedule for you. Whether it is early in the morning before work, in the middle of the morning when you have the time to rest, at lunch time so you can go back to work full of energy, at the end of the day or at night after fulfilling all of your commitments.

You can also choose your favourite location: at the gym where you have all the equipment you need to intensify your training, outdoors (in a park or by the sea) or even in the comfort and privacy of your home. There are no restrictions. No matter the time or the location, the results and your time and money’s worth are guaranteed.

We would also like to demystify the idea that having a Personal Trainer is expensive. Your PT can help you find the most suitable solution for you. You can choose from several types of packs, according to your availability. And, if you analyse all the benefits you get from this service, all the improvements in your quality of life and everything that you can achieve, you will see that the price/quality ration is very favourable and that you will have great return.

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