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What kind of body is mine?

What kind of body is mine?

Science identifies three body types, but we can have characteristics of more than one type. So identification is important because it allows to adapt the training and also the type of nutrition to somatotype of each.

So there are endomorphs: gain weight easily, especially in the middle section, abdomen and legs, have a "slow" metabolism”; they are generally lower and because of the fat that accumulate seem to have less toned muscles.

The mesomorphs: such people have a well-developed muscles and have strong bones and joints feature a well-creased and athletic structure, are often less flexible.

Finally the ectomorphs: are leaner, they have a lean structure, with long limbs, due to its "fast metabolism" hardly gain weight and muscle mass.

Can you identified yourself in any of these body types? Did you know that the training strategies and food may differ from type to type, so you get the best results?

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