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Healthy morning

A healthy morning

Last Saturday, Personal Trainers Algarve organized a healthy morning with exercise, in the form of fun games for parents, guardians and employees Externato Menino Jesus, Faro.

We total relevance that this population is sensitized for an active and healthy lifestyle, as if these are the so their students be it will be easier, of course.

Childhood obesity is an ever-present reality in our society and must be fought!

But if there are studies to prove the direct relationship of smoking people between parents and children, we believe in the same result when it comes to an active lifestyle with the respective transmission of healthy habits to youngers.

We trust then that the message in this fun morning has great use for these families.

We end by thanking all present and also the Directors of Externato, Dr. Miguel Caramelo and Draª Celia Ferramacho the opening of this event.

Rui Madeira text