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Physical exercise doesn't choose ages

Physical exercise doesn’t choose ages

Let’s leave off that myth “workout is just for young people or people who have the best physical condition”.

Physical exercise is for all ages, man or woman, thin or fat, short or tall. Physical activity is not just for only one kind of body shape.

Sports practice starts by having a significant role in the beginning of life, in other words, since child that it’s important to foster the importance that the physical exercise has in our daily routines and futures, existing by this way a healthy motor development, creation of healthy customs and diseases prevention.

In turn, already in adulthood, that the growth finished, physical exercise is primordial in terms of healthy, agility, in daily tasks and helps preventing negative changes in the health of the individual. In this way, physical exercise is for all people, even if the individual that is overweight or too thin, has index of normal body mass, articular problems, heart disease, among others!

Physical activity helps in healing and prevention of diverse diseases since personalized and clinically overseen. That situation must be studied by the personal trainer.

In senior age, physical exercise keeps being very important, which is decisive for having articular and neuromuscular healthy.

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