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Faro Fitness - Our thanks

It was last Saturday, 1st that happened Faro Fitness.

We dealt with the Pavilhão Municipal da Penha with seven different classes with great quality!

We started with the African rhythms with Claudia Queirós. We proceed with an intense circuit Tabata also with Claudia Queirós and finished the morning with Stretching, taught by Alice Relógio and Rita Abreu.

In the afternoon, there was the Piloxing with Rita Vidal, then continue with the explosive HIIT through Alice Relógio and Rita Abreu. Then came the mega Zumba class with Gaby Costa, Carlos Cavaco Silva, Rita Vidal and Tanya Vilaça and ended a long day with a relaxing Pilates class with Hugo Rodrigues.

It was a memorable and energetic day, we want to repeat!

As event organizer, Personal Trainers Algarve have to thank:
- All participants, the energy and good demonstrated willingness, were tireless!
- To all the volunteers, for they have made this event possible!
- To all our partners who have the support we can get this quality and organization!
- To our fantastic instructors, responsible for high quality classes that made this very special day.

All together, we can make this unique event!

It has been proven that with a lot of will and delivery, few people can do a lot!

So, next year we will be here again!

Rui Madeira text