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The importance of deadlift

Sometimes the practice of deadlift  is superseded and doesn’t receive the deserved importance, however it’s an exercise which encompasses power, balance and coordination gain.

Deadlift doesn’t only work legs and back out but also shoulders and arms.

Including deadlift on your training plan usually will help fortifying the lower back, legs and the upper body. Besides the strengthening, this exercise contemplates lots of benefits, which are: 

·         Better body posture;

·         Development on the body power;

·         In only one move works lots of muscle groups. Legs, hips, core, arms, back and shoulders;

·         Prevent injuries, beyond of reduce the pain on the lower back of your back.

·         Can be applied on your daily routine, even if you’re carrying a box or any other object;

·         Doesn’t require much equipment, just one bar and some weigh discs, or even only some dumbbells.

·         Raises your body stability.


Attention: Deadlift is an intensive exercise which involves the whole body, consequently it is important to do a previous warm up before raising heavier stuff.

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