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Personal Trainers Algarve was present this morning at the Jumbo store in Faro.

The aim was to alert employees to the best positions to adopt in their daily tasks in the different sections.

It is known that the posture adopted less correctly, most likely, will bring problems in the medium and long term and will take some quality of life due to pain sensation. According to several studies of the World Health Organization, in many cases, it can even lead to sick!

Now you will always be avoided, because an employee who feel discomfort and pain will quickly have a drop in their income, in addition to possible downtime.

That´s the reason we welcome the Jumbo Faro direction, on his initiative, vision and concern for its employees, which are key part of the operation of the company.

Briefly, we addressed the position to adopt in certain movements constantly repeated by workers and where they gave corrections and movement alternatives and finalized with labor mobility and stretching incidents in body regions usually affected.

This work was carried out not only in the store, but also in the administrative section with the staff that is too long sitting at the desk and has other limitations.

The feedback was very positive both!

Jumbo Faro had this excellent initiative. Small steps on the road to greater overall productivity.

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Rui Madeira text