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Run technique for what?

The run took fashion and every time, there are more practitioners. Running with paint, running with music, trails, running for all tastes and for each one's abilities.

It is to highlight the spirit driven through the practice of regular exercise and all its benefits. However, with the increase of practitioners of the modality makes us think and worry more and more with the consequences, especially the negative ones.

Consequences are these injuries, often caused by poor posture and running technique of racing which is part of the basic elements of the runner.

Have you ever imagined the thousands of repetitions of the movement that are made in a race? For example, if we have an error executing the technique and we give 2 strides every second in 30 minutes we are repeating a mistake 3600 times, which can cause serious injuries.

Professor and Olympic Coach João Abrantes says that running technique is important "running faster or slower, the better the athlete's running technique, the more effective it becomes and the lower the energy expenditure each race and logically, the better the final result. "

The teacher adds that good technique is important on two different levels: "on the one hand it is directly related to speed, that is, the better the technique of running an athlete, the faster he is able to run. On the other hand, good technique makes racing more economical and efficient. "

There is also the benefit of injury prevention.

If you are a runner and want to improve your technique, you can start by performing the following exercises 2 to 5 times over a distance of 30 to 40 meters, such as:

- Movement of arms, equal to running but without displacement;

- Coordination of lower / upper limbs, ie with small rhythmic jumps, advance one left arm and the right leg and vice versa;

- Low skipping, circular movement of the lower limbs race slightly lifting the knee coordinating the arms with the legs;

- High skipping, circular movement of the lower limbs race raising the knee to 90º coordinating the arms with the legs;

- Tic-tac, perform the running movement but with the support being made by the anterior third of the foot and the legs in full extension.

These are then, according to Personal Trainers Algarve, some basic tips you can get started with.

Good races!

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