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The importance of exercise during menopause

Menopause is a period of women’s life, and during it there are a lot of physiologic, metabolic and hormonal changes resulting in a group of alterations in the ovaries and in the hormones that control the menstruation cycle discharge.

Oestrogen is produced in a minor quantity, and there may be a weight increase, bones descaling associated to the risk of breaking them (osteoporosis) and even hypertension. Besides, sedentariness and bad alimentary habits prevail.

Practising is really important in the first 3 decades of life as a way of prevention of this future decrease, in this way, helping to have a smaller descaling when old. This influence is related to a regular sporting activity which stimulates the growth of bone mass through the muscular contraction process, overload and impact exercises.

In this way, exercise must be always present pre and upon menopause and must be seen like a hormonal therapy, regardless of the diet plan.

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