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Exercising can help prevent flus and colds

Exercising has a huge influence on your general health and quality of life. Your respiratory system gets stronger, along with the cardiovascular, endocrine and digestive systems and the skeletal muscle. The positive changes can be seen in all of this adaptations you’re body experiences due to a healthy lifestyle. Do this improvements prevent diseases?

The answer is yes, they do. While our body is improving it’s functional ability, we get bigger energy reservations, learn to tolerate the physical fatigue on a daily basis and your stress level seriously decreases.

Our immune system is strengthened by physical activity. For a healthy and treined person, a cold won’t get in the way of practising exercise because his/her immune system is fit to heal the respiratory infection and to help on post-training recovery.

On flu situations (high temperature, weakness, chest and joint pain), exercising is not advised because it can complicate the healing process.

Throat irritation and nasal obstruction shouldn’t necessarily keep you from working out. However, you may take it slow and choose lower intensity exercises.

In conclusion, practise moderate exercise regularly and sleep the enought amount of  hours. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), practising moderate and continuous physical activity is the key to enhance your immune response and it shortens in about 2 days the cold symptoms because it stimulates the immune system cells that fight the infection.

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