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A Christmas in good shape

The time for Christmas and New Year's parties is coming and as always, we make a super supper of Christmas to celebrate with the family. They are baked, mayonnaise, farofa, rice, french toast and lots of sweets for dessert. However, it is precisely at this time that we commit the greatest exaggeration, we eat too much, many goodies, the time of supper is very late and to finish there are always those who drink more than the bill.

After analyzing all this, why not make this Christmas dinner something different? Why not think about your health and your family first and create a supper with healthy food? Here are some tips for your supper to be much healthier!

Prefer turkey or fish instead of fatty meats such as shank, tenderloin ... White meats are healthier and fish have omega 3;

Exchange conventional rice for brown rice. Soak the rice the day before, cook it with this water and then add a cup of carrot, beet or spinach beaten with a glass of water in the blender, in addition to very tasty rice is thus much more nutritious;

Put fruits like pineapple, apple and banana in the farofa and also dried fruits like grapes and apricots;

Make a fruit sprinkle with pineapple, apple and grapes, it's a delight !;

Do not overdo salt when it comes to seasoning, use other spices like lemon, shoyu, pepper, ginger and mustard that are healthier and not less tasty;

Abuse the vegetables, make beautiful dishes with lettuces, carrots, cucumbers, palm hearts, tomatoes, olives and decorate with pieces of gosgonzola or ricotta cheese;

Choose light sauces for salads, as well as olive oil;

Make lentils;

Decorate the table with fruit, and then eat it! Apple, mango, papaya, pineapple, watermelon, peach, pear and grapes always look good when stored in a fruit bowl on the table, if you can, make special cuts in the fruits making them even more inviting to the palate;

Nuts are welcome but do not overdo it by eating them, as they are rich in fats and even being good fats, we should not commit excesses. You can put the oil seeds in the rice, or put them with or without peel on the table to decorate;

Make lots of fruit juices to accompany, are much healthier than alcoholic beverages and refresh a lot. Melon, coconut, orange, grape and watermelon are great options and help in the decoration by its colors;

If you like you can mix a little quinoa with the rice, it is great for immunity and very tasty;

After so much healthy food, it's time for dessert, change the traditional fried raisin for the roast, but if that's not enough, make pies and cakes with fruit, they are delicious and much healthier! All right, a condensed milk pudding can! After so much healthy food, a little bit will not hurt ...

To help, we need to combine the training component. Nothing better than to carry out the most complete workouts possible to accelerate the metabolism, which even at rest, will continue to burn calories! At this busy time, the lack of time should not be an excuse and you should not give up your cardiovascular and strength training with exercises focusing on the largest muscle groups, if necessary with combined exercises in order to optimize the time of your training.

These are then some suggestions from Personal Trainers Algarve to make a healthy and delicious Christmas dinner and keep in shape!

Merry Xmas!

Text by Rui Madeira