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The 7 worst food for your belly

Alcoholic drinks

There are alcoholic beverages with more or less calories. But calories are not the main problem in this case. Studies show that alcohol increases appetite and reduces inibitions. If you pay attention, when drinking a beer, you tend to eat a snack to go along, no matter how full you may be.

Carbonated soft drinks

We all know that soft drinks, carbonated or not, are bad for us, due to it’s high sugar content. If you really want a flat belly, you should stop drinking even the “light” or “diet” beverages because they reduce your metabolism and stimulate the body to retain fat.

Bubble gum

Bubble gums create a reflex effect, which makes your stomach ready to receive food. If you don’t actually eat, the gastric fluids will make you belly swollen.


It’s not good to be extreme. Neither sugar nor salt are good for you if consumed in excess. Not only they’re not good for your health, if you suffer from high blood pressure, eating foods with high sodium levels will leed to fluid retention, which will make it harder to get a slim belly.

Fast food

It’s not a secret that fast food is probably the worst thing we can eat, but if knowing that ain’t enough to make you quit it, remember that it’s most likely the cause of your local belly fat.


There’s nothing more delicious than a great mayo on your salad or french fries. But this tasty sauce is 80% fat composed. In fact, all sauces are huge sources of sugar. The best is to avoid it.

French fries

French fries, or fried food in general, work like a sponge, making the body absorb the saturated fats. Besides, they alter the brain in ways that it doesn’t regulate your food satisfaction right, and you end up eating a lot more than you should.

Resume, if you wish to be fit with a slim belly you should make good choices, we can help you!

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