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5 tips to improve your posture on your daily routine

The body posture is one of the biggest healthy problems nowadays. Maybe by being in front of computers, or by sitting on inappropriate chairs or even by inactivity.

Avoid to work with the upper body tilted to the front

When you are seated, lean the whole back against the chair and keep your feet on the ground without crossing your legs.

Sleep sideways

With a low pillow lean your head and another pillow between your legs to match the hip height and not turn the column.

When you’re upstanding

Lean your body weight on your feet avoiding to place the whole weight on only one side of the body.

Do not carry bags which are too heavy on your shoulder

But a medium size bag as light as possible and grabbing it with one hand.

Workout regularly

At least twice a week, so your muscles become stronger and its easier to adopt a right posture.

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