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Stay fit during Easter

At this time of year chocolate eggs are the "star product". They are on sale everywhere and the supermarkets make them very visible, making them tempting for kids and adults. However tempting as it may be, remember your goal to stay healthy and have some restraint. In this article we give some tips on how to have fun and make "some mistakes" during this festive season.

1. Stay true to your five small meals a day as this will continue to keep you satisfied and will not allow for much more room for anything other than a small piece of chocolate.

2. Drink plenty of water to help your kidneys and liver function properly and to help you feel fuller. Drinking water will also help release the toxins.

3. Stay distracted if too many candy is around. Enjoy walking, talking to a family member, reading a book, anything that keeps you away from the temptation to eat some kind of more caloric candy.

4. Stay active - whether you are doing a workout session or doing some physical activity, such as walking with the dog.

5. Have fun - Laughter can have many health benefits, it's great for distraction and it's still an internal workout for the belly. It provides physical, emotional release, and certain research further states that it strengthens the immune system and reduces cravings for food.

Have a wonderfull Easter!

Text by Personal Trainers