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How not to give up on training

Do not make any more excuses, we will help you to know how not to give up training in the outdoors, in the gym or even at home.

1- Focus on your goals, schedule your week and insert into your agenda 1h a day to train.

2- During the day your schedule has changed and you feel you do not have time to complete the whole established training plan, no problem. Make less time and put more intensity in the exercises will surely achieve results.

3- Consider exercise as a priority in your life, and do not put it aside. Training is essential for good health.

4 - Do not put obstacles, if the gym is not a good option for you, do it outdoors, in bad weather do it at home. Have some injury that prevents you from doing certain exercises, look for an exercise technician who will surely present you alternatives in the workout plan.

5- Establish goals, one of the great reasons for dropping out of training is that you cannot achieve your goals. It is important to set small goals, ie for the first month you lose 2kg and do not establish the 10kg loss that will be harder to reach and causes demotivation.

6- Alie the diet with exercise, plan your meals for the week to achieve healthy habits and thus achieve the results you always dreamed of.

7-Use the training material that is appropriate for you to avoid injury.

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