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3 Foods That Prevent Kidney Stone

Suffering from kidney stone training is one of the most common concerns for most people. Unhealthy eating habits and inadequate water consumption are considered the main reasons behind the formation of urinary tract stones.

The accumulation of dissolved minerals in the inner lining of the kidneys results in the formation of stones that can grow from small to the size of a large golf ball with a crystalline structure.

The lack of adequate water intake in the body leads to the formation of kidney stones, because its small amount does not dilute uric acid, which makes the urine more acidic that gradually leads to the formation of stones. The most common symptoms of this disorder are bleeding and burning sensation when urinating, vomiting, formation of pus in the urine in association with fever and tremors.

Doctors suggest a healthy lifestyle coupled with a nutritious diet plan and more importantly, regular consumption of a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water to reduce the risks of kidney stone formation. Being sufficiently hydrated, it will help the system to thin the chemicals responsible for the formation of stones.

In addition to water, the inclusion of the three main eating habits in your diet can play an important role in preventing kidney stones. Such as:

1. Increased intake of citrus fruits: The best natural sources of citric acid are lemon and orange. Citric acid builds a protective shield against the formation of kidney stones.

2. Include Calcium (Vitamin D): Milk, cheese and yogurt are considered the main sources for obtaining calcium. In addition to these, dark green vegetables, nuts, seeds and vegetables are also the rich source of calcium. It is also essential to increase your intake of vitamin D as it helps in the absorption of more calcium. The lower the level of calcium in your diet, the more you increase the level of oxalate, which is primarily responsible for the formation of the stone.

3. Watery fruits and vegetables: Although it is advisable to drink plenty of water and healthy liquids to avoid the formation of stones, the consumption of watery fruits and vegetables is prescribed by doctors to get rid of stones. The inclusion of watery fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, raspberry, orange, cucumber and pineapple helps to keep the body well hydrated, thus reducing the possibility of kidney and urinary tract stones.

The buildup of kidney stones depends on many factors, including hereditary and medical cases, and men are the ones who suffer most from this problem. The prevention of causes that are responsible for this complication is a rather difficult process, which requires some patience and determination. You should not ignore the main symptoms and contact your doctor right away.

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