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The importance of rest in the practice of physical exercise

Muscles do not grow when we exercise. It's a myth. The muscles are built after the workout, when the body is at rest. Rest is not only important for muscles, but also for muscle tissue cells (stem cells specializing in building muscle fiber).

Rest helps build muscle in four ways:

1. Rest during exercise. Instead of doing a long period of exercises, divide it. Research shows that taking breaks throughout the workouts are more beneficial than long periods of training.

2. Immediately after exercise, nourish your body with vitamins and proteins. This is a critical time to fuel muscle growth and recovery. Chlorella, for example, provides the nutrients essential for post-exercise recovery.

3. Have a good night sleep. Sleep time is the prime time of the body to recover and renew. While you sleep, your body produces the human growth hormones (HGH), which are essential for tissues and muscles. In addition, while sleeping, the body replenishes energy reserves, produces enzymes, synthesizes hormones, and more.

4. If you train intensely, take a break in your workout. After several days of intense workout, take a day off. Use that day for stretches and maybe a short walk. Focus on giving a full day without requiring too much of your muscles to give them the necessary rest time.

Rest is as or more important to the human body as physical exercise. Follow our tips and get enough rest to make the next day's exercise more profitable. Need more tips on physical exercise and all of its surrounding? Contact us!

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