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Dry fruits

It is very important to realize how, why and in what quantities these fruits should be consumed to get the best nutrition without harming our body. Although dried fruits are a smart choice, you need to know a few things before consuming them regularly.

Dried fruits are rich in fiber, potassium and iron, which help maintain a healthy digestive system, help relieve constipation, lower blood pressure and keep the stomach satiated between meals. Eating some dried fruit instead of candy and other sugar-rich products is always a great alternative, yet easily transportable, whether for work or school.

However, it should be borne in mind that many fruit drying processes involve additives such as sulfites. During the pre-treatment and dehydration process, there is much loss of nutritional value, making them highly caloric. So, if they are not consumed wisely, you can increase your body weight. Two servings of fruit a day can help you have lower weights and dried fruits can be an easy way to fill that gap.

It is important to check the contents of the dried fruit when purchased. Look for dry or frozen versions without sugar or preservatives.

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