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The importance of food allied to physical activity

Today we live in a world where everyone desires the famous quality of life. It is more than established that for us to have health, it is necessary, a balance between the practice of physical activity and an adequate diet.

However, however much people desire to live a healthy life, little is done to actually have health and well-being. Which makes this desire almost impossible.

The "excuses" are diverse, such as lack of time, greater practice in consuming industrialized products, not liking to train, etc ... As such, we should be aware that when we practice physical exercise, have a physically active life and a healthy diet, we are actually practicing health!

Excess consumption of foods rich in sodium, dyes, sugars and preservatives, together with sedentary lifestyle is responsible for many diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, among others. When these factors are associated with a family history, it makes the person even more susceptible to these diseases.

Therefore, with a diet plan suited to your needs, we provide our body with the energy needed to perform our daily tasks as well as the energetic needs of physical exercise. Which brings us closer to our goal, be it aesthetic (weight loss or muscle hypertrophy), health (prevention and control of diseases such as diabetes and hypertension) or to maintain a good quality of life.
Therefore, it is essential to have a proper and balanced diet associated with physical exercise, because it is not a mere aesthetic, but health and well-being.

Text by Diogo Lopes