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The prevention of tennis injuries

We have witnessed a growing practice of sports that were considered elite. Golf, sailing and tennis are sports that more and more people have access to and adhere to, however, because they are very technical sports injuries often arise. In this sense it seems important to outline strategies to prevent some of the most frequent injuries. In this article we will focus on tennis. Most injuries associated with tennis practice appear on the elbows (tennis elbow), wrists, shoulders and back.

Most of these lesions appear due to deficits in strength and technique. Force deficits in the structures that must generate force in each of the different blows and technical deficits that result in a misuse and overloaded of structures that we must protect. If we look at the service we find that most practitioners overuse the shoulder to serve, to generate force, which normally causes injuries in this structure. In the service most of the force must be generated by the MI (legs) and the trunk. The same applies to the right and left strokes. Hence it is important to perfect the technique to remove pressure from the more distal structures such as the shoulder, the elbow and the wrists. In this sense an injury prevention program should have a strong component of technical improvement exercises of the different strokes of the tennis as well as exercises of strengthening of the muscles that generate power and stability. The aim should be to improve the use of the kinetic chain by protecting structures and improving movement efficiency. Want to know how?

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Text by Ricardo Amorim