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The success of Functional Training

Functional Training is nowadays well implemented in various physical exercise programs, whether in gymnasiums or in outdoor training. Ten years ago the training plans were based on resistance exercises on machines and with little dynamic positions. the so-called traditional strength training has many benefits but we increasingly see the increasing use of functional exercises. And at the risk of being just a fad, the American College of Sports Medicine was verifying with a study conducted with university students whether there was any benefit in performing functional training and concluded that, compared to traditional resistance training, functional training provides greater satisfaction and joy as well as a sense of more energy expended. Hence the success of functional training!
And when we talk about functional training, in simplistic terms, we refer to a type of training that provides movements similar to those performed in our daily activity. In this sense, the program should be customized and oriented taking into account your professional activity and daily needs. Want to know how? Want to know the best program for you?

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Text by Rui Amorim.