PT Personal Trainers


Balance is a keyword to everything in life, everything that is in excess can be harmful, and lack is also a sign of risk. Balance is necessary to perform all exercises correctly, it is important to work stability, especially CORE for resistance to the force of gravity, logo to maintain balance when on a stand, two or four. This training component should be present in all training sessions to be an ally of strength and cardio workouts. The balance is divided between balance and movement, as its name implies or balance is defined by lack of movement, ie it is the balance that allows you to perform an exercise without displacement, for example: airplane position. England's dynamic balance as an example of walking, managing to control our body so we don't fall. Today, on the day when there is more knowledge about the risk of injury, when not accompanied by a Personal Trainer to push the boundaries, we mean that practicing overweight and unbalanced muscles will always lose, or will be , one body part is more recruited than another, resulting in body asymmetry. Working balance and stability allows you to have a better quality of life in the future. When we are babies, we are much more flexible, but with age we get stiffer, the logo increases or decreases the risk, very characteristic of the elderly. Joint mobility must be developed, or balance is body stability.


Ana Rita Abreu