PT Personal Trainers


The onset of exercise after childbirth leaves women unsafe. Because?

Because the woman is wondering when is the best time to start if her body is already ready.

To answer these questions, you must first check with your obstetrician / gynecologist to evaluate the organs involved in pregnancy and childbirth.

After your doctor has allowed you to practice sports, it is important to consult with a postpartum recovery physiotherapist to evaluate your diathesis and perineum to advise you on the type of physical effort you can take to prevent the rectus abdominis from distancing. more and develop urinary incontinence.

Thirdly, start by doing postpartum pilates with a personal trainer who specializes in this area, but if you were already exercising before pregnancy you can start simultaneously with pilates, strength training and cardio classes. It should be noted that when starting the physical exercise must start gradually, because the body took 9 months to undergo many changes and has not yet "returned to the site". In this way a personal Trainer will help in the most correct way not to trigger injuries or to reverse all evolution after delivery.

By exercising you will certainly notice more energy to take care of your baby and you will feel better with your body.


Ana Rita Abreu