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How to reduce your food portions

Today, we present you 3 tips to get reduce your portions when eating.

We know that, in general, most people eat poorly and, moreover, still eat too much. So, we give you some tips to solve the latter problem, because first you have accompanied our publications, we have written enough about it.

So one of the first steps is when you present the dish to cut all foods into very small pieces, the researchers do not yet know very well how this process works but the illusion appear to have more food on your plate will help in its fullness.

Eat more slowly, the information takes about 20 minutes to get to the brain that the body has ingested food, so eat slowly will also contribute to greater satiety and reduced amounts.

Finally, never let go more than four hours between meals, reaching a meal with a lot of forms for any strategy will "water down", eat more often and less quantities.

These are 3 simple tips and you can start today to implement in their day to day with very good results, what are you waiting for?