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As you might expect, all of us in this turn of the decade are trying to look forward to the coming year, and as such, at 12 chimes, along with the 12 raisins, we ask the 12 wishes that this coming year will be better than the year ahead. that passed.

Here are 12 achievable desires, all thinking of physical and emotional well-being.

1 Train more. I start with this because we often do not meet our planned weekly target, and this simply is almost always lacking in organization.

2. Train better. This desire often involves fulfilling the plan we are training with, which often does not happen, we do it for ½ weeks and then make a plan “our way”.

3. Eat better. Almost every week we hear this phrase and in fact we have to be more consistent with our diet, our physical goals also have to substantially improve our diet.

4. Sleep more. It is very important that this wish is fulfilled, not only because it has immediate effects on the quality of our training, but also on our stress and tiredness levels.

5. Improve flexibility. Within our training plan we should include the part for flexibility, it will help us perform better both in physical activity and exercise help us, beyond that feeling of being less “stuck” body

6. Improve a specific muscle group. We always aim to have a larger bicipite, or more defined legs. In their case, we will then work towards this more specific objective, we will focus on this muscle group.

7. Decrease abdominal volume. Let's try to lower our waist circumference, not only to fit into the clothes we buy that no longer fit us, but to be healthier. We know that the healthy numbers of men are less than 94cm and in women are 80cm.

8. Contagious who is close to us. Let's try to challenge a family member, a friend to share this sense of wellbeing with workouts and motivate them to have a healthy lifestyle.

9. Improve your self esteem. In addition to feeling good about yourself, do something different that will raise your self esteem, a new hairstyle, different clothes.

10. New challenges. This year set out to make that 10km race, that 80km bike ride, new challenges to overcome.

11. Relax. Enjoy and have a massage once in a while to relax, less tension, the better you will be physically and mentally prepared for your day to day life.

12. Try a new class. Take this year to take that class you're curious about, try hiring a personal trainer to get a new boost to your workout and have a more specific workout experience for your goals.

Here is the wish list for 2020. Whatever your wishes for this year, worry about yourself physically and mentally and this is a year of great sporting success.