PT Personal Trainers


According to news from JN, in 11 months of 2019, the Portuguese paid 670 million euros in medicines, increasing their spending by 18.5 million euros. National Health Service expenditure increased by 3.4% on medicines to 2.4 billion euros. Infarmed has a hard time accounting for Diabetes spending. We are a country of about 10 million inhabitants and this expenditure is significant. Many will say, put an end to the SNS and start taking out private insurance. Well, I am not going there and the reasons would lead to many discussions that would not lead to anything for the purpose of this publication. My humanistic outlook on life leads me to raise the following questions:

There is scientific evidence, clear and irrefutable, that well-oriented physical exercise can greatly reduce the use of medicines and medical acts, why is there no real plan for implementing physical exercise in the population?

Diseases such as type II diabetes can be controlled and treated without the use of drugs through physical exercise (scientifically proven), why not use this form of intervention?

Physical exercise can be an adjunct to drugs in the treatment of most diseases, why not use it?

Why is the VAT for cultural shows 6% and sports practice still 23%?

Why do hospitals not yet incorporate physical exercise units, with physical exercise professionals and not just doctors and physiotherapists?

Why do apps continue to be made, to monitor the practice of physical exercise, without "in loco" guidance from a physical exercise professional when it is known that the monitoring of a competent professional is fundamental in adherence and continuity in the practice of physical exercise?

Why do exercise professionals and fitness “players” continue to worry only about “butt in the neck” and “six pack abs”?

Why do exercise professionals only go into “fitness recipe” fashions and formations?

Think about it !!

Carlos Pinto