PT Personal Trainers


               The paddle is one of the most complete ergometers in terms of muscle demand since it involves muscle masses of the upper and lower limbs. It does not involve supporting the weight of the body.

               During the movement, you should be concerned with:

               • Avoid knee hyperextension;

               • Place the oar display at eye level;

    • Bring your hands up to the level of your chest, where placing them higher will overload the trapezoids;

               • Maintain a neutral fist position.


               As a rule, the cadence should oscillate between 20 and 30 strokes per minute, depending on the objective to be achieved.


               Its practice improves physical condition, such as endurance, strength, agility and has little impact at the level of joints, being able to be used by people with different levels of physical fitness, combining muscle and cardiovascular exercises.

 Good training!

 Diogo Lopes