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Many questions arise about when is the best time to practice physical exercise. In the summer season, and consequently good weather, there is a greater predisposition for each individual to perform outdoor activities and the desire to be in shape.
However, the practice of physical activity must be continuous and the time of year should not be an obstacle. In winter, as in summer, temperature influences training performance, be it weight loss and muscle mass gain.
Discover the greatest benefits of exercising in the winter!

Higher caloric expenditure
The metabolic changes caused by lower temperatures enhance the effect of physical activity on the body and thus the amount of calories you will spend will be greater. The practice of exercise with lower temperatures allows your body to burn up to 30% more calories than in the summer, and thus stay warm and increase the sensation of heat.

Increases general well-being
It has been scientifically proven that exercise improves moodiness, ideal for gray winter days. In addition to increasing the concentration of endorphins, the substance that contributes to the well-being of the body and to fight depression. Only regular training can bring its best benefits, since this substance is released after 24 hours of training.

Prevents joint pain
With regular exercise during this season, it contributes to the strengthening of muscles and the consequent reduction in joint pain.

Increased immunity
And to maintain the body's protection against the flu and colds so typical of this time, just follow a healthy routine, of food and physical activity. Regular physical exercise increases the body's immunity.

Abandoning training in the winter season is a mistake that can have consequences for the health of our body. 

João Matos