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Did you decide to stop training during this period? Know how your body is reacting!

Are you one of those people who interrupts your training when you have more work, when summer comes and when you go on vacation or in situations like the one we are facing right now?
So know what is happening to your body.

In the first few days, you will feel more fluid retention and the feeling of bloating, as well as a decrease in muscle fibers, giving you a feeling of less muscle tone.

After a few days you will start to feel less physical resistance and more general tiredness, if you return to training here you will again have muscle pain.

30 days without training (look how serious it is) the muscle gain I had and cardiovascular resistance are compromised. You will even feel that loss of strength and lean mass and the increase in body fat. Difficulty sleeping can also arise during this period.

A few months without training, in addition to the significant increase in body fat, your metabolism will drop, making the whole process of burning calories more difficult. Tiredness and fatigue will have a more constant presence.

If this sedentary lifestyle persists, you already know what might be coming, health problems with hypertension, high cholesterol, depression, obesity, among others.

Many times we are not aware, and we only look at weight, we do not notice the break in strength and muscle because we do not use them very often. Be aware and know what may be happening to you, the balance is not enough.

Do not miss the good routines because if you let sedentarism win, it will make your process of having a healthier and more active life very difficult.

We hope this information has been useful do not hesitate to contact us for more information or learn more about our services and start getting in good shape today!