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Regular physical activity in children and young people is essential, it is a great help for motor development: strengthening the bone system and increasing elasticity as well as psychosocial development: it helps young people and children to learn to live in society.

The 5 main benefits of physical activity in children and young people:

1. Adequate weight

Practicing physical activity is one of the pillars for maintaining the ideal weight, and mainly because the caloric expenditure of the exercises contributes to the burning of the fat that may be accumulated inside your small blood vessels.

2. Stronger bone system

The best exercises to practice in adolescence are those that have a reduced impact like most team sports, because in this way there is greater bone progress and thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis in adulthood.

3. Tends to accelerate the growth process

Physical activity favors child growth because when the muscles are contracted, the bones respond by getting bigger and stronger, which is why more active children tend to develop better.

4. Decreased risk of sedentary lifestyle in adulthood

Children who practice physical activity from a young age, such as swimming, ballet or team sports, tend to have a lower risk of becoming a sedentary adult in the future, thus improving their quality of life and decreasing the risk of heart problems in the future.

5. Improved self-esteem and confidence

Physical activities in children increase self-esteem and confidence. It is in these activities that they are able to set goals, trace paths and achieve goals, a phase that they like to be shared in their social environment, giving them greater confidence before the group. The ease with which children and young people demonstrate what they feel during classes also helps parents and teachers to understand their possible frustrations, thus facilitating daily treatment.

In normal situations, a child does not have to go to the doctor or specialist before starting physical activity, but needs to be accompanied by professionals, who can be found on Personal Trainers. If the child or young person has a health problem, related to heart disease, diabetes, sinusitis or is underweight, he / she should go to a doctor to start physical activity.


João Matos