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Gluteus training, usually addressed through expressions such as "butt  at the back of the neck" "tight glutes" and "Big  Booty", is one of the most sought after topics by the female population, in aesthetic blogs and on websites with training programs.

However, is it possible to train this muscle group at Home? Without going to a gym? Yes, it is possible!

The glutes are composed of 3 muscles: small gluteus, middle gluteus, and large gluteus (more superficial).

A study conducted by, where the electromyographic activity of muscles(De & de Assisi, n.d.)(electrical activity of the membrane of skeletal muscles) was analyzed, shows some of the exercises where the glutes have a higher activation.

-Barbell Hip Thrust (hip elevation with bar and additional weight, with high back, at a reduced amplitude) – 89.9 %

-Back Squat- 29.4% and a peak of 84.9%,

-Front squat-higher activation of the gluteus maximus, 94% activation, (statistical deviation of 15%)

-Dead lift- 72% activation (statistical deviation of 16%)

All these exercises are functional and should always be included in any type of training, especially in the training of glutes, because in addition to ensuring a greater activation of the glutes, they are also complex exercises, that is, exercises that recruit many muscle groups, and consequently trigger a great energy expenditure.

For example, during the performance of a functional exercise, such as Front squat, where there is an activation of about 94% of the glutes, so that the performance of the exercise is correct, must also be active, throughout the exercise, the remaining muscles of the core.

The activation of this complex allows muscle contraction, providing direct support and a higher intra-abdominal pressure in the spine, inherently unstable.

All mentioned exercises can be performed without any type of bodybuilding machine, we can use only the weight of our body. However, the Gluteus is one of the strongest muscles in the human body and as such requires a stimulus of great intensity and high volume.

Then the question arises, "so if I don't have loads at home, how am I going to make sure the training is intense and reaches my goals?"

Therefore, there are many strategies and many variations that can be used in your workouts, the important thing is to ensure 3 things, a good execution of exercise, intensity, and volume in each workout. The intensity of the training can be increased when, we add load to the exercise, increase the speed of execution, decrease the interval between sets, increase the range of motion. A larger volume may refer to one, major number of sets, greater number of training sessions, greater number of exercises or even a greater number of repetitions.

To conclude, it is important to remember that every exercise, every workout, every day, is important. The choice of exercises and training methods should always take into account the technique of execution, because the same deadlift, with the same intensity, may not bring the same benefits if it is not performed in the most correct way. Consistency, rest and progression are essential factors for achieving your goals. Include these conditions during your workout, and you will see that your goals will be achieved.

Look for a training plan tailored to your individual characteristics, and your needs, we are available to clarify all your doubts and help you meet your goals.


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