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Currently, the permanence of the sitting posture has been more and more frequent, if we do not adopt good postures and our body structure is not well prepared physically, our spine will suffer creating future problems and even injuries.


The sitting posture changes the skeletal muscle condition in the lumbar spine, causing an imbalance of its components. All structures that are in a posterior plane, as well as ligaments, nerves and small joints are detached and there is an increase of approximately 35% in intradiscal pressure, when an individual moves from a standing posture to a sitting posture, even while remaining in the position, most appropriate posture possible.


When we are sitting for a long time and in an inadequate position, such as the absence of lumbar and forearm support plus the anterior trunk flexion, our intervertebral disc nucleus can be over 70% pressure. When the disc is compressed it loses water and nutrients, so when we sit for a long time we are compromising its nutrition and its early degeneration.


Personal Trainers recommends that you:

               • Perform intervals of 30min in 30min;

               • Adopt a good body posture;

               • Strengthen your entire body structure, especially the core region.


Take care of yourself, take care of your spine!

Good training!


Diogo Lopes