PT Personal Trainers


There is no doubt that physical exercise improves quality of life, as it has physical and psychological consequences. Prevents diseases, optimizes physical conditioning and cardiac and muscle functions. On the other hand, it is very important especially for cardiac patients, because in addition to the direct cardiovascular benefits, physical activity relieves anxiety and stress.

An effective and safe cardiac rehabilitation program needs to be based on continuous and objective assessment of your responses. Each change in the patient's exercise program needs to be based on a detailed objective assessment. The key to achieving beneficial exercise results in the various organ systems is the planning and implementation of an aerobic exercise program in terms of intensity, duration and frequency.

Exercise works by decreasing the progression of coronary atherosclerosis by reducing risk factors; normalizes the lipid profile, usually with an increase in HDL; Improves body composition (Less fat mass and more lean mass); reduces insulin requirements; enables better stress management and discharge.

Luís Dinis