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Overweight and fluid retention

The fluid retention is an accumulation of fluid in and out of cells, mainly in fat cells, causing an increase in volume and hence weight can reach 2 to 3 kilograms.

However, it is not honest justify being overweight with fluid retention. If the weight is above the recommended is because there is excess body fat. While excess weight is usually associated with a greater retention.

Women, by presenting more body fat more often feel this sense of swelling, particularly in the eye area, hands, ankles and feet. Moreover, the issue of women hormonal also influence this aspect.

A deficit in the production of progesterone (hormone responsible for draining menstrual cycle 2) contributes to retention. At the time of menstruation, when the body needs more water, it is natural retention but this must take place in a controlled manner. Therefore, pre-menopausal, when there is a higher prevalence of hormonal imbalance and estrogen compared to progesterone, this process occurs more frequently.

Some methods of contraception, such as the pill, by decreasing the production of some hormones (including progesterone) may also be responsible for this situation. In addition, other health issues such as thyroid disorders and subject (a) treatment with cortisone rich drugs may also aggravate fluid retention.

Food also enhances this. Therefore, foods with excess salt, and processed foods high in sugar should be avoided.

A nutrition and healthy life style with regular physical activity, in addition to contributing to the maintenance of appropriate weight and body fat will consequently help reduce the elimination of excess fluids.