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How many and how many people, who come to us, report similar and unsuccessful experiences with other attempts to lose weight, in which they obtained quick results, but which they were unable to maintain because they were too restrictive and unsustainable strategies in the long run? .. .

How many and how many of these same people are unable to disconnect from this need for ultra-fast results at any cost? ...

How many and how many of these people do not enter a negative spiral of frustration and demotivation, not valuing themselves and compromising the possibilities of success of a sustainable strategy, whose learning translates into behavioral changes that allow the maintenance of the results achieved for the rest of the life?...

"And I've already lost 5 kg in a month!"

Do you know what? Of water, muscle, health, and little, very little or no fat at all!

A brilliant result at the expense of hunger, mood swings, loss of concentration, in a word, SUFFERING !!

It has been proven and more than proven that the strategies that promise these results are not sustainable, are not healthy and can be unnecessarily expensive.

Our body is programmed to slow down its metabolism and gain weight as we age! Aging is not a pleasant word and what it represents, less pleasant is. But it is part of life, it is a fact that we have to live with.

At the same time, our body needs time to read and interpret stimuli, and even more time to respond and adapt to those same stimuli. This is one of the reasons why lightning strategies don't work, because they don't give the body time! Time to internalize a new reality, time to adapt, time to recognize and accept this new reality.

TIME!!! What no one seems willing to give ...

But it has been proven that the only healthy and sustainable way to lose weight and keep the weight off is with realistic strategies whose progression happens at a slow pace over time.

In short, whenever a "diet" makes promises that seem too good to be true, with extraordinary results in short periods of time, without any sacrifices, it is just too good to be true!

For sustainable results, think about a long-term strategy, which teaches you and gives you the tools to develop a healthy relationship with food, which allows you to eat with balance and moderation, not excluding your favorite foods, which takes into account the emotional and that are part of all human beings. It is called food reeducation, and it is a flexible methodology, because compromises and commitments are necessary for everything in life.

Carlos Pinto