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1. Burpee

Muscles Recruited

Pectoral, Shoulder, Triceps, Quadriceps

Hamstrings, Glutes, Twins


The movement begins with a squat followed by a quick movement of placing hands on the ground in front of the body and propeling the legs back.

It follows thepush-upmovementand, adjusting the legs in the squat position. The trunk rises and when extending the legs and a jump is performed with the arms upwards

Stay as balanced as possible, take one hand off the ground and touch the front of the opposite shoulder. Gently place your hand on the ground.


2. Plank Tap Shoulder

Muscles Recruited

Deltoids, Triceps, Abdominals


1. Place yourself in the flexion position, with your arms immediately below your shoulders, and hips forming a straight line from your shoulders to your feet.


3. Side Crunch

Muscles Recruited

Abdominal obliquo, transverse abdomen, glutes


1. Lie on the side of the mat, keeping the bowl properly aligned and the forearm exactly below the shoulder line

2. Flex both legs at 90º and raise the floor basin

3. At an expiration add the elbow to the knee and in an inspiration distance them, without lowering the hip


4. Abdominal in Isometric V with Leg Extension

Muscles Recruited

Hips, Hips


1. Lie down on the floor with your legs straight and your feet together. Take both arms back and position them next to the ears.

2. Simultaneously lift your legs and torso off the ground. Take your arms forward toward your ankles, using your hips to balance

3. Remaining in this position (v- Up  isometric) take one leg in front and then the other

When you insert these 4 exercises into your training plan, you will notice a lot of results, however remember that factors such as technique execution, consistency, progression in training and feeding are crucial to achieve the desired results.

Ensures that your goals are achieved safely, look for the follow-up of a specialized professional.

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