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How to find motivation for physical exercise

ACSM (2015) states that starting physical exercise produces a great sense of accomplishment and health benefits. However, sometimes, finding motivation to start and / or continue your practice can be a challenge. So, I let you know some aspects that you may have to consider to stay motivated.


1st Know the benefits of the exercise:

- Most exercise results are not instantaneous, so it is important to set realistic expectations.

- Highlight the idea that exercise is much more than losing weight and changing the physical / aesthetics.

- Exercise can improve physical capacity, mental health and can help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

- Short-term results of exercise can include a positive mental outlook, decrease stress, improve mood and improve sleep quality.


2nd Evaluate your priorities:

- Your health is one of your main priorities and physical exercise for that very reason.

- Reform of your thinking regarding exercise. Think of the exercise as something you are able to accomplish and enjoy doing, don't think of as a boring task.

- Plan in advance your schedule and the training session.


3rd Give value to your successes:

- Don't just focus on the goals you were unable to achieve. You also need to look back at what has gone well.

- People continue to perform exercise because they have discovered something that they like during this process. Try to find something you like during this process, which can be for a variety of reasons such as accomplishment, a time when a person sets aside to invest in themselves, aesthetics or stress relief from the workday.


4th Track your progress:

- Setting goals can help you focus and set a direction for your evolution.

- Using a fitness app or device can help you track your daily activity and watch your progress over time.

- Exercise accompanied by one or more companions. A Personal Trainer can also help to maintain your motivation and ensure the achievement of your goals.


5th Find opportunities to be active:

- Discover ways to get daily physical activity time, even if short, like using stairs instead of the elevator.

- Avoid sitting for long periods. Get up and move throughout the day.

- Exercise variation can be a good strategy for exercising.


In what aspects do you think you can improve to stay motivated?


Fight for your health and good training,

PT Cristiana Rosa