PT Personal Trainers

The 4 functions of our column

Did you know that ours has 4 main functions? Personal Trainers tells you what they are as well as their definition:

• Mobilization-A healthy spine allows us to make all the movements we like. When the movements performed are not the correct ones, we may be promotingpremature wear and tear on our joints;

• Stabilization-our spine serves to keep us not only erect, but also stable, not allowing movements that can cause more injuries;

• Reflective adaptation-this function of the spine is essential when we do not want to fall. The ability of each joint to transmit correct information to the brain allows a quick response from the body in different adversities of daily life;

• Protection of the nervous system-it is our spine that protects the spinal cord and its 31pairs of nerves.Have you noticed the importance of your spine? Did you know that in reality more than 70% of the Portuguese population suffers from back pain? And that, the problems in the spine are the second reason of the visits to the doctor?

Avoidpain in your spine and do the necessary prevention.

PT Diogo Lopes