PT Personal Trainers


1. Start by consulting a professional so that he can set up the ideal workout to start again correctly.

2.In the beginning, decrease the intensity so that the body adapts to the rhythm again.

3. Those who train need to have a balanced diet, several foods can be added to enhance the exercises and make them reach their goals faster.

4.If you feel that you need some type of food supplementation, the ideal is to seek out a specialist and find out what your real need is.

5.Sleep well is essential for those who practice physical exercise.

6. Warming up your body before starting your workouts is very important. A few minutes of cardiac intensity is enough.

7. Stretching your body before and after training is essential to avoid injury.

8.It may be that you go back to training and realize that the training you were doing before has no more effect, so it is necessary to create a new training routine.

9.Plan the workout according to your needs. Whether you want to gain muscle mass or just lose weight, every workout should be different.

10. The full body training is very suitable for those who are returning to training. As it works on all regions of the body, it is an excellent preparation for heavier workouts.

11. Doing the repetitions of the same exercises is very important to get back into the rhythm and avoid injury.